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Sabres tough guy John Scott regrets ‘Princess Phaneuf’ comment

BUFFALO – Sabres tough guy John Scott today called his “Princess Phaneuf” comment about Maple Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf on Saturday a “slip of the tongue.”

“Obviously, a little emotional at the time,” Scott said inside the First Niagara Center following practice. “I haven’t trademarked it. I kind of regretted it.”

Following the Sabres’ 4-2 loss in Toronto, Scott said Phaneuf “bailed” as he approached him. A mini-melee ensued, and Scott received 14 penalty minutes for doing very little, effectively ending his night.

“All of a sudden I’m not allowed to hit him anymore,” Scott told MSG. “He’s ‘Princess Phaneuf.’ It’s a joke. … I guess you’re not allowed to hit the star guys anymore in this league.”

Scott called the nickname a “non-issue” today.

“I just once again kind of shoot my mouth off, a little too fired up after the game and said something, didn’t really realize it was going to get the traction it’s kind of gotten,” he said.

In other news, interim Sabres coach Ted Nolan said defenseman Mike Weber (broken thumb) should return Tuesday against St. Louis, meaning a roster move must be made.

The Sabres could send one or two of their youngsters back to junior or the AHL.

Nolan has been talking with Pat LaFontaine, the new president of hockey operations, about moves. The Sabres have four teenagers on the roster.

“I didn’t realize how young they really were, the positions that they’re in and the capabilities of what they could do besides playing here,” said Nolan, who took over for Ron Rolston on Wednesday.

The Sabres could also recall some players from Rochester, he said.

“There’s a couple players playing exceptionally well down there that deserve an opportunity,” he said.

Nolan said he wants to stop “force-feeding.”

“Everything is subject for change right now,” he said.

One thought on “Sabres tough guy John Scott regrets ‘Princess Phaneuf’ comment”

  1. For Christsake, stop with the apologies. Be a man, stand by what you say. Sure it was in the heat of the moment, but so what? It’s a competitive sport. I’m sure you didn’t hurt Phaneuf’s feelings. I’m tired of the constant apologizing every time someone spouts off. The “truth”, no matter how harsh, is what makes rivalries. Just say what you mean and stand up for yourself. These pro-sports leagues have turned athletes in to little princesses (no apology).

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