Trevor Kuntar has already scored four goals in six games for Boston College. ©2020, John Quackenbos

Williamsville’s Trevor Kuntar thriving as freshman at Boston College

Les and Faye Kuntar wanted to support their oldest son, Trevor, and hopefully celebrate his selection by an NHL team.

A year earlier, Trevor Kuntar had gone undrafted. The snubs fueled him, and the extra year helped the Williamsville native to develop into a stronger prospect. So when the second day of the NHL Draft started Oct. 7, the Boston College freshman was expected to be a mid- or late-round pick.

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Trevor Kuntar played three seasons in Youngstown. ©2020, Scott Galvin, Youngstown Phantoms

Bruins draft Williamsville’s Trevor Kuntar 89th overall

When 31 teams passed over Trevor Kuntar in the NHL Draft last year, he said he never stopped thinking about it. The snubs fueled the Williamsville native.

Kuntar, 19, tried to seize the opportunity having an extra year to develop into a better prospect offered him.

“I’m kind of glad that it happened like that, too, because I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot,” Kuntar told the Times Herald last week.

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Trevor Kuntar enjoyed a strong season in Youngstown. ©2020, Scott Galvin, Youngstown Phantoms

Williamsville’s Trevor Kuntar motivated by snubs, happy at Boston College

Trevor Kuntar couldn’t stay put in the crease. Never mind his father, Les, played goalie professionally for six seasons. Never mind everyone on the team had to take a turn in net.

In his lone appearance as a goalie, Kuntar’s penchant for carrying the puck took over. Even dressed in the heavy equipment, the Williamsville native kept grabbing it and skating up the ice.

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