Jason Pominville (29) battles Henrik Tallinder last month. ©2013, Dan Hickling, Olean Times Herald

Former Sabres captain Jason Pominville on 50-goal pace with Wild

Warning! This might make you cringe, Buffalo Sabres fans.

Jason Pominville scored again in the Minnesota Wild’s 3-2 shootout win Saturday in Carolina, giving the former Sabres captain 11 goals in 18 games.

Nineteen games into the season, the hapless Sabres have 31 goals as a team. Their leading scorer, Cody Hodgson, has five goals and 13 points.

At his current pace, Pominville would score 50 goals. The 30-year-old winger tallied a career-high 34 times in 2006-07.

At their current pace, the Sabres would score 134 goals, the lowest full-season total in NHL history.

You get the idea.

Pominville started slowly offensively each season until two years ago, when a big October helped him reach 30 goals and 73 points.

3 thoughts on “Former Sabres captain Jason Pominville on 50-goal pace with Wild”

  1. yeah, because it totally makes sense to trade away your two best forwards for a rebuild. who’s gonna score now for buffalo? they should have gotten rid of stafford, leino, ennis etc. and build around pommers and vanek. maybe even keep miller. pathetic!

  2. Sorry, Chris, but you just don’t get it. Vanek would not have re-signed with Buffalo, period. Your idea of keeping him was an impossibility.

  3. Good for Pomiville. I like the guy I’m happy he’s succeeding with the Wild. I don’t think he’d be doing as well if he were with the Sabres, and I feel that he is thriving with an actual team around him something he never had in his prime, which I feel he’s been at since 2 years ago. Now when I say team, I mean team, not individual players. The Wild have excellent teamwork, and Pominville’s is a great team player. But I wouldn’t take him back on the team, his time has passed as a Sabre, we need to look forward instead of looking back, and wondering how much better we would be if Pominville were still here, which if I were to hazard a guess, wouldn’t be much better, and we’d just be wasting his time, talent, and our time, money and draft picks, which is the only way that this team gets any better. But I still love ya Pommers, and I hope you keep having a great year, and I’ll be rooting for the Wild in the Western Confrence Playoffs.

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