Steve Ott had some fun on Twitter today. ©2013, Dan Hickling, Olean Times Herald

Steve Ott helps Sabres unveil third jersey; new sweater universally panned

So, how badly do you want those ugly slug jerseys back, Buffalo Sabres fans?

Yes, the Sabres will apparently wear that during games in the upcoming season.

After months of teasing fans by tweeting small photos of the team’s new third jersey, the Sabres’ “unveiling” hit its crescendo today.

How did this all go down? Well …

After the Sabres tweeted a blue swatch, drawing the ire of, well, just about the entire Internet,  fun-loving winger Steve Ott feigned some impatience, tweeting the following:

Following another tweet, the Sabres replied:

Ott countered with this later:

The obligatory Sabres reply:

At this point, some people realized (not me!) Ott was in on the reveal:

Following Ott’s payoff tweet, he showed off the back:

What do we have? A jersey it appears no one likes.

A sampling of the harsh reaction:

You get the idea.

Of course, there are some other theories out there:

Hmmmm …

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